Violin Repairs and Restrings

Violin repairs undertaken in our workshop

Violin Repairs

We undertake many repairs to student and intermediate violins of all sizes at our shop in Steyning. Although it is generally possible to fix almost any damage to a violin, consideration as to the value of the instrument should given before embarking on any major repairs to the body, neck, peg box, scroll etc. Some crack repairs to the body or peg box for example could be very time intensive and the cost of repair may go well beyond the value of the instrument, especially student instruments.

The prices below give a guide to our charges in relation to repairing or replacing the common parts of the violin that may become worn out or damaged over time. Some of the prices given may be combined depending upon the job. For example, replacing a tailpiece will require restringing the instrument and you may wish to take the opportunity to change the strings at the same time for just the additional cost of a new set of strings.

For a full evaluation of your instrument please drop into our shop where we shall be please to assist.

Violin Strings Replacement

Violin Restrings

Full restring £8 plus cost of strings.

Single string £2 plus cost of string.

A set of violin strings starts from around £10 - £12 with single strings varying depending upon string and type/manufacturer. Please see our Violin Strings page for our selection of violin strings.

Violin Bridge Repairs

Violin Bridge Replacement or Adjustment

Basic bridge replacement from £20 including bridge.

Better quality bridge from £30 plus cost of bridge.

Adjustment of existing bridge for correct height £10.

Violin Peg Repairs

Violin Peg Replacement

Single pegs from £10 plus cost of peg.

Full set £30 plus cost of pegs.

Pegs vary in cost depending upon the quality. Basic ebony pegs are generally around £2 - £3 each.

Violin Tailpiece Replacement

Violin Tailpiece Replacement

£8 plus cost of new tailpiece.

Tailpieces start from around £5 and tailpieces with integral adjusters from around £15.

Violin Nut Replacement

Violin Nut Replacement

Cut and fit new ebony nut £15.

Violin Soundpost Setting or Replacement

Violin Soundpost Setting or Replacement

Reset existing soundpost £10.

Cut and fit new soundpost £20.

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